Rooms to Thrive

A campaign to support women in crisis.

The Beacon is excited to announce our campaign to support women in crisis with Rooms to Thrive. When women get the chance to stay in the community through The Beacon housing and programming, they are able to raise their children, work at jobs that pay a livable wage, receive support, and maintain their dignity through every stage of recovery.

The project is an innovative renovation of a former hotel at 1348 E Euclid in Des Moines, Iowa. Designed for Beacon graduates and referral clients, The Village will offer:

  • 32 affordable efficiency apartments
  • Safe and convenient location near transportation, groceries, and jobs
  • Accessible support
  • Reducing The Beacon’s waiting list of 100+ women

Campaign Goal: $3.5 million

Living Space

60% - $2.1M

Purchasing the renovated former motel and green space will cost $2.1 million and provide space for an additional 32 women to live. The new space will also add an in-house case manager and office administrator to The Beacon’s staff. Tenants will pay $625 in rent per month which includes utilities, wifi, and laundry.

Philanthropic Operating

20% - $700k

Payroll is The Beacon’s largest expense. Knowing nonprofit funding fluctuates year to year, The Beacon seeks to raise an additional $700,000 for operating costs which would fully fund the next five years of payroll for current Beacon staff and the two new positions at The Village.


20% - $700k

Currently, The Beacon’s endowment holds $600,000, but with an additional $700,000, it will provide an additional $35,000 per year if an unexpected expense arises. The Beacon has invested the endowment fund in companies that prioritize equity and social responsibility. Contributing to the endowment fund supports the operational expenses and ensures the long-term sustainability of the organization.

Why are we starting this project now?

In recent years, The Beacon has invested in their staff, Board, and programming in meaningful ways that have led to significant growth. As our impact increased, more clients and community partners were interested in our services, and we now have a solid foundation on which to build. In 2023, The Beacon completed a feasibility study for the project, which determined the size and scope of the expansion. The Beacon carefully considered all indications from interviews and strategic planning and began the silent phase of the capital campaign at the beginning of 2024.

What services currently exist for women in crisis in and around Des Moines?

Des Moines is lacking in housing and supportive service options specifically for women. There are no services in Des Moines like The Beacon, which offers housing, trauma-informed programming, and equity-centered care. The Young Women’s Resource Center offers some excellent programming for girls and women, especially around maternal health.

Unlike men who have multiple options when experiencing homelessness, there are no emergency shelters for women. There is one all-gender shelter, but women sometimes do not feel safe there due to a past or potential perpetrator. It’s important to note that women are often victimized by landlords when they are unable to pay their rent.

How is this facility different than the Sherman Hill facility?

The Beacon Sherman Hill is more structured, very inexpensive, and provides a significant amount of support for women who are just coming out of trauma. Once they are more stabilized, The Beacon Village is an opportunity for more autonomy while still receiving supportive services and community support in affordable, substance-free apartments.

What is the timeline for renovations?

The renovations are already completed, and clients have moved into The Beacon Village. There is definitely room for volunteer groups to help with the grounds or organize donations.

To what extent are gifts to the Finding Safety, Building Hope campaign tax deductible?

Since The Beacon is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, gifts to the campaign are tax-deductible as allowed by law. The application of such laws varies with individual financial circumstances. Households with specific questions regarding tax deductibility should contact their attorney or tax preparer.

Campaign Executive Committee

Brooke Jeffus, Consultant-Relationship Management, Nationwide
Kellie DeCamp, Vice President Network Management, UnitedHealthcare
Abby Spann, Lead Business Execution Consultant, Wells Fargo
Sailu Timbo, Director, Creative Planning Business Services
Sara Downing, Community Advocate
Susan Heitshusen, Owner/Therapist, Linden Tree Center, Inc.
Erin Anderson, Branch Manager, Community State Bank


Join Us Today!

When you support The Beacon, you are agreeing that the women we serve are not criminal; rather, due to trauma and systemic inequities, they are carrying a load too heavy for a human to hold. You are agreeing that these women have a better chance at success through support rather than punishment and that the next generation will benefit because of it.

If you or your organization would like to make a financial contribution or learn more about the project, please contact Melissa Vine, Executive Director.