My addiction stemmed from a college softball knee injury. Years after the injury, after two surgeries and having a screw put in to address the lingering damage, I became addicted to pain pills. I started illegally obtaining them which ultimately lead me to prison.

I had heard a lot about the Beacon of Life, so when it came time for my release from prison, I told my counselor that the Beacon is where is needed to be. There was a three-month wait, but my continued sobriety was worth waiting for, so I chose to stay in prison and wait.

The Beacon taught me the things I needed to build the most solid foundation I could have when my time there was done – time management, self-motivation, confidence, reaching my maximum potential, staying connected with others. The amazing part of being at the Beacon was that regardless of what I was experiencing, good or bad, I was learning who I needed to be.

Most importantly, I am now excited. I’m excited that I can live a drug-free life. I’m excited to spend time with my grandsons. I’m excited that I’ve enjoyed success in my job. I’m excited for the many opportunities I have ahead of me. I’m excited to look back on my life with the clarity of mind and the power of sobriety. There isn’t enough praise or money in the world I could give for what the Beacon has done for me. They save lives.