After several unhealthy relationships, drug usage and losing my children, I became lost and depressed. It was after leaving an unhealthy living situation and spending the night in the sculpture park when I knew I needed help. I was broken, lonely and trusted no one. I was admitted to Broadlawns Hospital and able to get a little sleep, but after being discharged I had no where to go. I called several places but was turned away. It was winter and cold. I had made the decision I wanted to end my life because I couldn’t handle the position I was in anymore. I decided to try contacting Beacon of Life and was surprised when they said if I could make it to the house by 4 p.m., I could have a bed. I had hope again. 

The Beacon of Life has literally been a “beacon of life” for me. I started out small and worked my way from the ground up. They gave me the platform to build bigger and better things for myself, as well as for society. They taught, I learned. I questioned, they answered. 

Today I’m sober. I have a job I love and appreciate. I have an apartment I worked hard for. I’ve taken accountability for my actions for the betterment of myself and my children. I’ve learned so much about myself and in doing so, found my real self. The Beacon of Life helped me do that by providing me hope and healing. They have empowered me to be better than my best, now and long into my future! I cannot thank everyone at Beacon of Life enough for not giving up on me when it felt like the rest of the world did.