Caprice’s story


I started using drugs in my mid-twenties, and before I went to prison, I was using heavily and not supporting my family like I should have been. Drugs had taken control of me; I had no support and my life had spiraled out of control. I was arrested and sent to prison. I didn’t want…

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Angelic’s story


After several unhealthy relationships, drug usage and losing my children, I became lost and depressed. It was after leaving an unhealthy living situation and spending the night in the sculpture park when I knew I needed help. I was broken, lonely and trusted no one. I was admitted to Broadlawns Hospital and able to get…

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Darla’s story


My addiction stemmed from a college softball knee injury. Years after the injury, after two surgeries and having a screw put in to address the lingering damage, I became addicted to pain pills. I started illegally obtaining them which ultimately lead me to prison. I had heard a lot about the Beacon of Life, so…

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Wanda’s Story


My drug addiction began when I was 16 years old. It continued for more than 40 years during which I was incarcerated three times, attended substance abuse rehabilitation five times, was fired from two jobs and spent 14 years living in homelessness. Right before I found Beacon of Life I was living with a friend…

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